Islamabad Police rank and salary Constable in 2023

Islamabad Police constable compensation (BS-07), their base essential compensation is Rs. 16,310 and their greatest essential compensation and pay is Rs. 43,610, and are getting a yearly addition of sum Rs 910 each year.

Islamabad Capital Territory Police rank and salary in Pakistan:

This page, detailed data about Islamabad police positions and compensation.

A constable of Islamabad police is getting Rs 49,741 [Starting] compensation each month which is equivalent to police examiners in commonplace police. A police reviewer in Islamabad, be that as it may, gets Rs 105,000+ each month, which is higher than the compensation of a DIG rank in commonplace police who gets Rs 98,000+ each month. Islamabad Capital Region Police rank and pay

Islamabad police constable salary:

Station House Officer/Police InspectorSHOBS 16115000+
Sub InspectorSIBS 14105000+
Assistant Sub InspectorASIBS 1195000+
Head ConstableHCBS 0985000+
ConstableBS 0749740+

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