Medical Assistant Salary California per hour (Average)

Here you are going to read about Medical Assistant’s Average Hourly Salary in California’s Metro Areas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a medical assistant in California is $37,790 per annum, which is higher than the national average salary of $34,800. However, it depends on the experience and job title of the medical assistant. The salary of a certified medical assistant is higher than a medical assistant.

The average salary of a certified assistant in California is $43,720 per annum, which is higher than the national average salary of $42,920. The salary of a medical assistant also depends on the location and other factors. Moreover, the salary of a medical assistant also depends on their work location, like hospitals and clinics.

An assistant working in a hospital will get a higher salary than one working in a clinic, due to the extra duties and responsibilities. You can search for certified assistant jobs in your area by searching online job portals or contacting local hospitals and clinics.

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Medical Assistant

How to Become a Medical Assistant in California?

After completing a degree in assisting, the next step is to get certified by a well-known certification organization like AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants) or AMT (American Medical Technologists).

The certification process involves completing a written exam and a practical exam. These certifications are essential to demonstrate competence and professionalism in the field. The final step to becoming an assistant in California is to get a license from the Medical Board of California. The process of getting a license involves submitting the required forms and documents, passing a criminal background check, and obtaining a Certificate of Completion for an Assistant program.

After completing the licensing process, you will be allowed to practice as an assistant in California. In order to stay updated with the best practices and latest technology, medical assistants in California must renew their licenses every two years. The renewal process involves completing continuing education credits, paying a renewal fee, and submitting other required documents.

Assistant’s Average Hourly Salary in California’s Metro Areas:

Assistants in California can also pursue additional certifications in the field of medical assisting. These certifications will help them to advance their career and demonstrate to employers that they are up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

Bakersfield earns $15.20 to $20.65 hourly wages from 2,130 medical assistants
Fresno earns $16.33 to $22.52 from 3,320 medical assistants
Los Angeles earns $17.43 to $26.63 from 32,040 medical assistants
San Diego collects $18.58 to $25.36 from 8,130 medical assistants
San Francisco collects $23.26 to $31.98 through 12,320 medical assistants

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