Assistant Director salary in Pakistan

The salary for an Assistant Director in Pakistan can vary depending on the department they work in. In government departments such as FIA, ASF, IB, NAB, HEC, Ministry of Defence (MOD), State Bank, FBR, and others, an Assistant Director (AD) holds a BPS-17 grade position. The minimum basic salary for an AD officer is Rs. 45,070 and the maximum basic pay and salary is Rs. 113,470. AD officers are also given an annual increment of Rs. 3,420 each year.

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In addition to their basic salary, AD officers also receive other benefits such as medical allowances, residence, official vehicle, security staff, travel allowances, and personal employees at their residence. The total monthly salary for an Assistant Director in Pakistan is estimated to be around PKR 95,000 per month, including all the benefits and allowances.

To become an Assistant Director in Pakistan, one typically needs to have a relevant educational qualification and experience in the field, and pass a competitive examination or selection process. The responsibilities of an Assistant Director may include protocol, security, and guards, as well as managing and supervising the work of a team.

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