Naib Qasid Salary in Pakistan

Naib Qasid is a lower-level position in the Pakistani government and private sector. The duties of a Naib Qasid typically include cleaning, maintenance, and other manual labor tasks. The salary for a Naib Qasid can vary depending on the organization and location. In general, Naib Qasid is a low-paying job, usually starting salary is around 25,500/= to 26,500/= but after adding some other allowance its may be higher.

Naib Qasid (BS-01), their minimum basic salary is Rs. 13,530 and their maximum basic pay & salary is Rs. 26450 and are getting an annual increment of amount Rs 430 in every year.

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Naib Qasid is a lower-level position, and typically requires only a minimum level of education, such as completing primary school. There are no specific qualifications or certifications required for this position.

It is important to note that the above information is a generalization, and actual salaries and requirements for the position of Naib Qasid may vary depending on the specific organization or company.

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